Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a QR code?

Most Apple and Android smartphones have a QR code scanner built into the camera. The customer just needs to open up their camera and point it to the QR code, then they click on a link that will direct them to a registration page where they can fill in their information to help with the NHS track and trace.

Guest can’t enter their details, am I allowed to do this for them?

Absolutely, they can use any other device to scan the QR code, then just fill in their information. And its done!

How long will you keep the data?

We will store the customer’s data for 21 days from the time they register

Do I need an internet connection for my customers to register?

A customer will need either WiFi or Data to complete the registration form.

A guest doesn’t want to share their personal information, what should I do?

You cannot force your customer’s to share their information, as it is voluntary. But please try your hardest to encourage your customer to share their details to help the NHS with the Track and Trace procedure.

Can I reproduce my QR code as much as I want?

Of course! You can download and print your unique QR code as much as you want and stick on entrances, tables, menus, its up to you!

Can I view my customer’s information?

Yes, you will be able view the customers who scanned the QR code and filter through the data with a specific date. Allowing you to send it to the NHS as a PDF formatted list or Excel file.

Can I use the customer’s data for any other purpose?

Absolutely not. You cannot use the data for any other purpose other than to help the NHS with the track and trace procedure. You cannot use the customer’s information for marketing. As you have access to customer’s information you will be classed as a Data Controller.

Is the data protected?

Our company is ICO registered and we also have the ISO 9001 certificate level. Our domain and servers have the highest level of security available from Microsoft Azure.

Do I need a privacy policy?

We can take a care of that. You will need a privacy policy, you can make your own or you can use ours that we have provided. It covers all areas and should be up to standards for your type of business.

How often do I pay? Can I cancel any time?

You will have a 2 week free trial to make sure you like our service, then after the 2 weeks you will be charged monthly. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Our service will continue to the end of the month then our service will be terminated..

Has the app been in any way endorsed by NHS?

The ScanEasy App has been developed and designed inline the government guidelines to all organisation in certain sectors (Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism) who are recommended to collect details and maintain records of staff, customers and visitors on their premises to support NHS Test and Trace.

This App is available for hospitality, leisure and tourism venues to help them doing this in a safe and secure manner, using digital solution instead of pen & paper. No endorsements are in place.